September 1, 2015

Denise Allan, Simplify Experts,
Meg McDonald, ADD
Jill Murphy, ADD

"ADHD: Recognizing Symptoms, Tools for Referral"
(Continuing Education Qualified)

You will learn:
* How to Recognize Symptoms of ADHD
* How to Effectively Work with Clients with ADHD
* Tools for Referring Clients to the Therapist Community

     Denise’s two “loves” are organizing and making clients’ home lives easier. She founded Simplify Experts in order to live the mantra, “Do what you love,” and feels lucky she gets to do that every single day. Her dedication created one of the largest, most recognized and credentialed home organizing teams in the Pacific Northwest.     Her passion is to turn “chaos into calm” for people who have experienced chronic disorganization difficulties resulting from neurological, physical, or difficult life transitions. Denise has specialist credentials in Chronic Disorganization, Attention Deficit Disorder and Aging, as well as ten additional certificates of study through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). She also is the only certified Chronic Disorganization Specialist (CPO-CD) in the Pacific Northwest.

     Meg McDonald is Executive Director of ADD (ADDR), and has ADHD herself. She facilitates the Seattle Basics Support Group and the Lake Forest Park, WA Adult Support Group. Meg's professional expertise falls within three broad categories: nonprofit management, health care analysis and graphic arts sales. Her career in health care includes a research faculty appointment at Georgetown University School of Medicine and publication in the Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine. She has written an annotated bibliography on the epidemiology of breat cancer and co-authored articles for a book and journals on topics such as hospices, physician extenders and medical algorithms. Meg was diagnosed and properly medicated for ADHD only in the last few years. She understands the despair those struggling with ADHD experience. She believes that to help each individual flourish by using the skills and tools that fit is a win for all - the individual, his/her family and friends, and the community. She feels privileged to be a part of ADDR and to experience the special connection thse with ADHD have to one another.

     Jill Murphy is Vice President of ADD and the Parent Support Group Facilitator for ADD Resources at Seattle's Children's Hospital Surgery Center in Bellevue. In addition to being a Chris A. Zeigler Dendy-certified Program Trainer and a contributor to his books and videos, Jill offers presentations on multiple topics from Educator in-services to Community College Disability Programs. She is proud to serve as an ADHD Life Skills and Academic Coach for families and teens. She is also keenly concerned about our growing senior population faces as it ages, especially the issues they face in obtaining appropriate medical  management and care, maintaining household safety, retirement transitions and downsizing.

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