NAPO National Mission Statement

The Mission of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals is to encourage the development of Professional Organizers, promote recognition of, and advance, the professional organizing industry.

NAPO Seattle Area Chapter Mission Statement

In alignment with the vision of NAPO, we visibly develop, lead and promote Professional Organizers and the organizing industry by fostering community, providing quality education and opportunities for business development.

Guidelines for Participation within NAPO Seattle Area Chapter:

  • I will honor cooperation above competition.
  • I will communicate consistently and solicit feedback on a timely basis.
  • I will stay focused on the agenda.
  • I will be professional in my conduct and agree to disagree respectfully.
  • I will bring thoughts or concerns to the most apropriate person.
  • I will not discuss Professional Organizers' fees during meetings.

Guidelines for Participation in NAPO Seattle Area Chapter meetings:

  • Introduction: At the Business Partner's first meeting as a Chapter member, the Chapter President will invite the Business Partner to formally introduce him/herself. Three to five minutes will be reserved in the meeting agenda for this purpose.
  • Marketplace Table: Business Partners may bring displays and/or literature to display on the Marketplace Table during chapter meetings.
  • Business Partners are encouraged to make 10-minute formal presentations on a rotating basis during Chapter meetings to provide an overview of their products and services. The Professional Development Director will coordinate with each Business Partner regarding the presentation schedule.
  • Business Partners may network with other members of the NAPO Seattle Area Chapter before and after the formal agenda of Chapter meetings. Unless a Business Partner is (A) introducing themselves to the Chapter membership for the first time or (B) giving their 10-minute presentation, they are not permitted to discuss their business, products, services or promotions during meetings. The Marketplace Table serves that purpose.
  • Email Advertising: Business Partners can send out two email advertisements each year. The ad must be submitted to the Chapter President who will email it out to Chapter members through the Chapter chat group.

Limitations on the use of the NAPO Seattle Area Business Partner Logo:

The logo available for use by Business Partners is the NAPO Seattle Area Chapter Business Partner logo. The logo is not to be used to imply an endorsement by NAPO.

NAPO Seattle Area Chapter Rights Reserved 2016

NAPO Seattle Area Chapter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organizations, and contributions are tax-deductible.  Your contribution will support education and community outreach programs. 

NAPO Seattle Area Chapter is a legal entity separate and distinct from NAPO, Inc. (the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) and is not entitled to act on behalf of or to bind NAPO, contractually or otherwise.

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